Analysis Of ' Hands ' By Anderson Essay

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After carefully reviewing and analyzing my proposed questions to “Hands” by Anderson I can conclude that all of the questions can be answered by a simple search or “googling them’’ as a modern day student would say. However, two questions come to my attention as they require a more sophisticated, deep understanding and thorough research of the Story. These questions are: What was it like to be homosexual in 1919? How literature reflect and shape our society? These questions challenge me to dig deep into Anderson 's head and examine what inspired him to write this story and also examine the theme being portrayed: homophobia.

Literature is written to reflect and shape society. Literature can depict societal deeds and bring them to light or provide knowledge to the society through educating and informing. From reading a story, one can vividly depict and picture the society of that period. From reading “Hands”, I firmly believe that Anderson was relaying the message of homophobia in 1919. Anderson uses great imagery to portray Biddlebaum’s imprisonment in his own society. Words and sentences like “forever frightened and beset band of doubts, did not think of any way part of the town” “loneliness” illustrates the conditions of a how a person thought to be homosexual lived like in the 19th century. Anderson is also casting the society’s punishment of homosexual. Anderson is indirectly informing people that if they are homosexual they will be “beaten”, “Kicked”, “driven” out of…

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