Analysis Of Hanan Al Shaykh 's ' A Season Of Madness ' Essay

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Hanan Al-Shaykh is an Arab writer, whose stories and novels contain major roles for women in them. (Larson) From her writings, it can be seen that she subtly challenges the patriarchal system surrounding women and causes you to question the gender roles within society. (Al-Shaykh 793) In “A Season of Madness” the main character is Fatin, a wife, who is pretending that she is crazy to push her husband leave her. No matter what she does and what his mother says, he is faithful and unwilling to leave her and will stick with her until the end. This causes Fatin to come out with the truth, that she has been faking her madness all along in hopes that he will divorce her because she fell in love with another. The reactions given from both the step-mother and husband are as though she truly is insane. This shows the gender discrimination and hierarchy within the human systems in Arab culture. Showing that she is considered to be mad because she has her own thoughts and opinions. Al-Shaykh is suggesting that within Arab culture women are controlled by traditions and hierarchy, unable to oppose it without being questioned, leaving them powerless. The Arab culture is considered to be one of a high-context culture, where the individual is placed lower than the collective. There is more of a hierarchy within high context cultures, this is specifically seen in marriages. (Al-Krenawi and Jackson 117) Traditionally, Arab women are placed in arranged marriages because if left unmarried…

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