Analysis Of Hamlet And Polonius's Death In Hamlet

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Don 't Wait Hamlet and Polonius 's families die because Hamlet doesn 't take his opportunity to kill Claudius. They all die during a duel set up by Claudius and Laertes. This duel is a plot to kill Hamlet using poison as a cheating tool. The plan backfires and nearly two whole families are killed. The only exception is that Ophelia and Polonius died earlier in the play. This tragedy is caused by Hamlet, who makes the mistake of waiting to kill Claudius. He has the perfect opportunity when Claudius kneels down and begins to speak to himself. Hamlet 's inability to make beneficial decisions causes great problems for his family as well as others. The deaths of the two families starts when Hamlet stabs at someone behind the arras. Polonius …show more content…
Hamlet uses this acting company as an opportunity to establish the guilt of his uncle. His plan is to have the actors insert the events that depict the murder of his father. Hamlet decides that if Claudius reacts at all then he is guilty. Claudius then reacts dramatically to the added scene and leaves the hall in awe. After the 'Murder of Gonzago ' Hamlet finds Claudius knelt down praying. He immediately draws his sword and then make his crucial mistake. Hamlet is struck with fear and begins searching for reasons to not kill Claudius. The most important reason he finds to not kill Claudius is that he doesn 't want him to go to Heaven. Hamlet is afraid that since Claudius is praying he will be sent strait to heaven if he kills him now. The second reason is that "his soul may be as damned and black as hell" (3.3.99-100). He also fears that it may be "hire and salary" (3.3.84). This means that he doesn 't want to just kill Claudius because he has to, but he wants to do it because he wants to. These multiple reasons could easily be interpreted as valid points that he makes, however; they are most likely excuses to avoid doing what he fears: killing a man. The irony to all of this is that Claudius is not praying, "pray can I not" (3.3.42). He is talking to himself about how he felt regretful but still wanted to be king and have a queen. This regret makes him feel as though his sins would

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