Cedar Cove Reflection

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As an avid supporter of Hallmark 's Cedar Cove show, I connected with practically all of the actors involved with the series. As a result, as they have moved onto other ventures, I have been blessed enough to interview almost all of them. It was such an honor to speak with Anna Van Hooft (Linette) earlier this summer. She and I chatted about the highlights of her career, her entrance into the profession, and most importantly, an issue that is close to her heart. wp-1473364589114.png RH: So you 've been really busy filming is what you were saying.

AVH: Oh, this summer has been nuts. This summer, I filmed for four weeks on an action movie, and we were doing night shoots as well, so I was on set from 3:30 P.M. to 4:30 A.M. every day, and then we would go back to day shoots. And so for awhile there, I had something that was very similar to jet lag during that time.
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I really loved working with Mike Dopud who played my dad. I just personally enjoy working with him so much. But I think there was just so much there to explore--the family life and where Linnette came from. And my father 's a private investigator, and that 's kind of an interesting relationship that we never really touched on. It was sort of in the last couple of episodes with that storyline that things began to be explored. Mike was supposed to be shooting a series in Europe, and they didn 't know that when Linnette entered the scene either. So we just had a bit of filler till we could get around to something with a little more substance. But that 's when things get a little interesting, I think. There were only so many parts that were introduced that I would say would be interesting to explore. We never really explored her love life. But I think the family life would have been where I would have been most excited about

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