Analysis Of Gwendolyn Brooks And Frederick Douglass Essay

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When reading a poem, depending on the author and the genre, it becomes important to consider the social perspective of the poem along with the archetypal perspective. When reading from a social perspective, it is important to make connections to the events going on in correlation for when the poem was written or set. When reading from an archetypal perspective, it is critical to take note of the symbols which express universal human longings. In the poems The Explorer by Gwendolyn Brooks and Frederick Douglass by Robert Hayden, each express social perspective and archetypal perspective. Concerning social perspective, The Explorer by Gwendolyn Brooks greatly reflects the struggles of its time. Gwendolyn was inspired by the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. When she wrote the poem The Explorer, she made sure to link it to the struggles the African American race was facing during the civil rights movement. During this time period, African American’s were very limited in things they were allowed to do. Many places were segregated and African American’s lives were extremely restricted. They couldn’t even vote. America was supposed to be the land of the free and even though African Americans were no longer slaves, they still did not have freedom. In The Explorer, Brooks tells of a man in an apartment building, searching for some peace above the noise. Brooks says, “He feared most of all the choices, that cried to be taken” (The Explorer). In a way, when this is read through a…

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