Analysis Of Gwen Hardwood 's Poem ' The Park ' Essay

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Gwen Hardwood’s poem “In the Park” exposes the darker side of motherhood and the role of women. It highlights the idea of changing identity through challenging concepts, beliefs and values generally held amongst mothers in today’s society. The theme of motherhood and change provide an insight into the life of a mother which demonstrate the burdens of her children. Similarly the poem, “Suburban Sonnet” emphasises the personal restrictions that associate motherly responsibilities along with the traditional role of a housewife. It is a representation of a patriarchal society for men to have authority over women, because of their supposedly inferior abilities. Harwood’s audacity to explore different gender personas, both female and male, display clever elements of authenticity and experimentation. Therefore, readers are able to interpret the ideas of motherhood, experience and change.
The sonnet “In the Park’ explore the sacrifices made by a woman who is attached by her responsibilities of motherhood. Harwood uses melancholy imagery to present visual elements to the mother’s clothing “her clothes are out of date”. The clothes become symbolic to the mother’s character in a poor socioeconomic position. It suggests both fragility and vulnerability in the face of emotional self-doubt “Someone she loved once passes by – too late”. The words ‘once’ and ‘too late’ represent the change over time and the use of past tense paint a striking portrait of the mother’s regret and…

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