Essay about Analysis Of Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift

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Through the first semester of Mr. McGee’s senior English A, class there have been many texts that I have learned about. All of these texts have been influential, and a major part of my education, there has never been a text that I haven’t appreciated, no matter how many annotations there were. There were many authors like, Shakespeare, Chaucer and Swift. Through each of the pieces of literature we covered there were more and more lessons learned through each one and no matter how well I did on the test I always know that by the end of the text that I benefitted from themes and ideas that were beautifully displayed to me and I will never forget them and how important they are. There are many others, but are only two I will focus on. I will focus on the plays, Macbeth and Hamlet, both by William Shakespeare and then the story, Gulliver 's Travels, by Jonathan Swift.

First of all, I will start with Gulliver’s Travels, by Swift. This is a story about a man who goes through many trials and tribulations, because everyone around him thinks he’s insane. This book can be seen as a children 's book for it’s use of playful insanity, and how the story talks about imaginary people and events that seem more like fairy tales instead of actual events, but it is deeper than that, and if you can look past its playful facade then you will see how it questions the monarchy and politics and how wars can be started by something as simple as which end to crack an egg at. The first adventure…

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