Analysis Of ' Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift Essay

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A Satire In Society Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift talks about multiple principal topics such as class distinctions, and British and American society differentiation.It also talks about many themes upon the topic of satirization suitable for a closer analyzation of British society. This novel is an famous work because of many comments they talk about that are relating to modern day society. Throughout the novel, Gulliver travels to many places. During these travels wherever he ends up either by accident or chance he finds himself encountering various complications. What Gulliver learns about government, society, class distinction, etc, from each visited place allows Swift to generalize english society, or rather the problem with english society. With this information we can compare it to modern American society and stress many of the great differences. In part 1 Gulliver boards a ship named Antelope and because of a violent storm he finds himself washed ashore and ended up stranded and separated from all of his crew members. Later on he learns that he is on an island called Lilliput, which is populated by people that are six inches tall. Since being on Lilliput Gulliver made sure he familiarizes himself with the cluture, traditions, learnings, language, and education of these people as well as their class distinctions and outlook on society. Lilliput is governed by an emperor so, Gulliver begins to realize that there are many flaws in their government in…

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