Guilty For Innocent Essay

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent Prison has been around in human society for many millions of years. Having someone who disobeyed the law of that village, town, city or country punished in some form of institution, cutting them off from people, is a common concept. When someone has been accused of a crime the police find evidence to back up the story and he/she is proven guilty, but when someone is falsely accused of rape and there is hardly any evidence to back up the claim they are still looked at as a guilty sexual offender. A false accusation of sexual abuse occurs more often than most people would expect. Reasons for false accusations are mostly intentional and otherwise erroneous. It is often argued that false accusations could have severe …show more content…
While the accused is serving his sentence in prison the family goes through a turmoil. They no longer feel at ease, and they have to fight for the accused because they no longer can do it for their self. “My brother made a terrible mistake, but he did not need to spend the rest of his life in prison to recognize that. It would have been a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money to shelter, feed and care for someone in prison who was not a threat to society and should have been working and paying taxes, which he does now” (Strong). Parental imprisonment results in financial problems, especially if the man of the family is in prison. Those families lose a productive member, thus they lose income, because the partner's imprisonment will probably influence the employment of the woman, and the ability of a male support the family is higher than the female's. The most significant influence is on children. Actually, the effects of imprisonment on children start at the arrest of their parent. They are shocked, fearful and confused when witnessing their parents being arrested. A majority of researchers have found that children, whose parents are in prison, are more likely to show the depression, hyperactivity, clinging behavior, sleep problems, truancy and poor school grades. While other studies revealed that those children have a higher risk of showing bad behavior or experience

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