Analysis Of ' Grit ' By Johnny Depp And Rebecca Hall Essay

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Transcendence, An inspiring film presents an idea that many people contain. Grit arrays a person that portrays courage, a strength of character, and great amount of determination as well as presenting an inspirational characteristic. Used by Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall, grit was presented in the film by explaining the mind and thoughts of artificial intelligence. Rebecca or in the film known as Evelyn Caster keeps determination for bringing Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) into the world of artificial intelligence for specific reasons. The determination portrayed by both characters includes many pieces of information. Including the creation of nano technology and artificial intelligence. Both Casters show their grit by their success in the film and their capabilities. working harder and harder and never giving up through the whole story no matter the problems faced. Grit’s use has been portrayed across the whole world and shows people’s passion and their determination for their accomplishment. Undeniably, grit will play a significant role in my future academics, career and personal life. To begin with Grit plays a role in everybody’s life mostly leading to the success received by most people. For example Steve Jobs used Grit for creating a small board that was used for a computer system he built from scratch with his partner Steve Wozniak. Completing difficult challenges as described in the biography Steve Jobs and the film Jobs. Beginning inside a simple garage challenges…

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