Essay on Analysis Of Griffin 's Article On Ideologies Of Madness

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Griffin 's essay on "Ideologies of Madness” portrays various characteristics of the modern world. It focuses on the increment and adoption of new ideologies with the aim of making people’s lifestyles better. However, there are many issues included in Griffin 's article that present ideas that still exist in the modern day. They include dualism, racism, and gender. Notably, the main storyline in the essay talks about ‘The Eros of everyday life ' as presented in the complex lifestyles characterized by branching and spiraling patterns of thought. Griffin has also regard the western lifestyles as a source of illness, suffering, and insanity that has affected other cultures with environmental destructions. Other factors include instilling domination and fear to existing societies through power leading to cases of racial profiling and gender inequality. Dualism has been described concerning cases of self and other, capitalism and divided perceptions.

The artwork that has been chosen to relate to Griffin’s essay is Kara Walker’s work that plays a vital role in the definition of race, power, gender and dualism. Notably, Kara Walker is a renowned artist aged 47 and born in Stockton, California (Brooks, Katherine). She has invested in different artworks to explain her perception of the current societal status. In her deconstruction history, Kara has presented the audience with imaginations of morality, gender, politics, and racial stereotypes indirectly through her artwork. She has…

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