Analysis Of Greener Pastures

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Then I beheld in my dream that Christian and Hopeful, pressing past Vanity Fair and its deceived residents, ventured upon a babbling brook. Along the brook, ran a white picket fence and beyond the fence, lay a bright, luscious pasture. Upon beholding the petite paradise, the pilgrims wondered if a more fitting resting place had ever been created, let alone positioned so perfectly along the highway. Surely, they were intended to waltz among the dainty daisies instead of trudge along the worn path. Befittingly, the venue bore the title, Greener Pastures. “Shall we rest for just a moment along the wayside?” Hopeful questioned, as they traipsed down the highway toward the Celestial City. “Of course, not,” Christian reprimanded, “We escaped the evils of Vanity Fair. Surely we can resist such a temptation as this, where no person persists in …show more content…
“Just think about those poor people in Vanity Fair, with no sense of Direction. They exchange the truth for a lie. [Rom. 1] And what about the deceived citizens of the City of Destruction. They ignore the fact that their city will be destroyed. How superior you two faithful pilgrims are to the crazed people of Vanity and Destruction.”
“They intentionally…” Christian attempted to defend his position, but Comparison did not yield to his input.
Instead, the driven deceiver continued to reason with the pilgrims, “By-ends, for example refuses to release his will and wealth to the King. He persists in his former ways, following his wicked principles. Mr. Hold-the World, Mr. Money-love, and Mr. Save-all, are no better, I’m sure you’d agree. They too are obsessed with money, riches, and comfort alone. Are you not proud to be separate and distinct from these infidels?”
By now, Comparison assured himself, Christian and Hopeful were losing heart. How could they not be puffed up with pride after hearing a truthful comparison of their lives to

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