Analysis Of Gorgias 's ' The Encomium Of Helen ' Essay

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Gorgias was a famous sophist. A sophist is a class of professional teachers in ancient Greece who gave instruction in various fields, as in general culture rhetoric, politics, or disputation. Sophist thought that all language incorporated a persuasive aspect. Gorgias believed that the truth can be created by rhetoric, for instance poetry. According to Gorgias a good orator can speak on any topic and persuade the audience with the power of speech. I chose to analyze Gorgias’ writing, the Encomium of Helen. Gorgias is defending Helen by pointing out specific reasons as to why she should not be blamed for starting the Trojan War. “How can one regard blame of Helen as just, since she is utterly acquitted of all charges, whether she did what she did thorough falling in love or persuaded by speech or ravished by force or constrained by divine constraint” (Bizzell, & Herzberg, 2001, p.46)?
The language that was used in the Encomium of Helen is incredibly poetic. It uses metaphoric langue that allows the reader to utilize their senses in order to understand Gorgias’ stance on speech. Many of Gorgias’ comparisons are things that the reader can relate to on a personal level. This is the way that Gorgias incorporates the appeal of emotion. Speaking as a member of the audience, we should have sympathy for Helen. It would be considered an injustice to pin full blame on her for the alleged wrong doing. In particularly, Gorgias says speech has the power to “Stop fear, banish grief, and…

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