Essay about Analysis Of Gore 's Inconvenient Truth

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To begin with, the first filmed I would like to discuss is Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary film aimed at alerting or bringing attention to the danger society faces due to climate change and global warming. The documentary film is based on a slideshow Gore has presented over a thousand times and re-enacts incidents from his life, that influenced his concerns about the environment. In the film, Gore presents a variety of facts and information regarding climate change and urges the audience to look into possible solutions that could help reduce the rate of global warming. Gore starts his global warming presentation by presenting a series of detailed graphs, flow, charts, and photographs taken of Earth. He mentions that these photos have transformed the way we see Earth and have led to modern day environmentalism. Then, he shares a series of stories (including stories about his college education, his sister’s death from lung cancer, and his young son’s accident) that detail what sparked his interest in the environment. And, he recalls a story from when he was in school, that he uses to make the assumption, that people believe that “the Earth is so big, we can’t possibly have any lasting, harmful effect on the Earth’s environment.”
Throughout the movie, Gore discusses his opinion on global warming and the possible effects he thinks could result if appropriate actions aren’t taken soon. The documentary ends with Gore saying that he believes…

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