Analysis Of Goodbye Spin, Hello Raw Dishonesty By Paul Krugman

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In his opinion piece for the New York Times, “Goodbye Spin, Hello Raw Dishonesty”, economist, Paul Krugman employs the recent discovery that Trump’s Attorney General was lying in order to shed light on the lies and corruption that have become prevalent since Trump’s inauguration. Although Krugman feels somewhat defeated by the lack of control that the people have over the current political situation he still keeps some of the same outrage he presented in “The Uses of Outrage” to again argue that his audience of well educated liberals have a moral obligation to stand up against the corrupt government.
Krugman begins his article by explaining the recent scandal that serves as the jumping off point for his critique of the Trump administration. He refers to it as “the latest big buzz” which trivializes the event to emphasise that it is just one of many scandals (1). Krugman then contrasts Sessions lie withe the phrase “in fact” (1). This phrase brings attention to Sessions lie while painting Krugman as being truthful. The phrase also acts to transition Krugman’s argument to the larger implications of Sessions lie: if he had not been caught he would be investigating “Russian election meddling, possibly in collusion with the Trump campaign” (2). Krugman
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He still believes that Trump is dishonest: going as far as calling him the “liar in cheif” (16). However, he also mentions that reporters are beginning to adjust to Trump’s behavior, journalists are beginning to call him “presidential” (16). As the American people warm to Trump, his behavior will become the norm. The norm will become corruption. This is a future that Krugman and his audience would not like to live in, but he feels that they may be “doomed” to (17). Krugman has lost all faith in the government, and all hope that things will get

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