Essay Analysis Of ' Good Kings Bad Kings '

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Claiming disability is important in the life of disabled people because it allows them to be more confident in an ableist culture, fight for equal treatment, and have a community of support. Confidence is an essential to a positive lifestyle. In an ableist culture, people such as Ellen Forney and Maysoon Zayid have overcome disparage and negativity to have confidence in themselves. Comparably, Zayid has used her confidence to fight for equal treatment among Susan Nussbaum’s character, Yessie in “Good Kings Bad Kings: A Novel”. Furthermore, Forney, Zayid, and Yessie have been able to accomplish great ambitions due to their community support systems. However, first and foremost, they had to gain their self-confidence. The notion of confidence is significant in the life of every person. Nevertheless, it seems to be even more significant in the lives of people with disabilities. Society today is judgmental of people who do not fit into the definition of normal. Although it is impossible to define normal, because it means something different to each individual, most individuals do not consider any person with a disability to be normal. This type of mindset will undeniably damage any confidence of a disabled person. For instance, Ellen Forney went on a journey to figure out who she was once she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She shifted from being considered a normal person to one of disability in the blink of an eye. Once she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder she did…

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