Analysis Of Godrej Industries Ltd ( Gil ) Is Determined For Achieve Its Vision Of Good And Green

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Godrej Industries Ltd (GIL) is determined to achieve its vision of ‘GOOD AND GREEN’. The CSR activities undertaken by GIL all aim towards a better and greener India. Its association with WWF and its privately managed belt of mangroves is a proof of this. GIL has been an active participant in conducting CSR activities way before it was made compulsory. they have always welcomed change that is beneficial for all which is commendable.

Apart from the CSR activities that are already prevalent in Godrej Industries, the following activities can be undertaken: -

• Tree plantation drives can be undertaken where many people can come together and plant trees at the same time which will provide encouragement to others to follow their example. Saplings can be distributed for free so as to increase the number of participants.
• Voluntary employee participation in CSR activities can be encouraged by letting the employees choose what kind of CSR activity would they like participate Some employees may opt to teach in schools for underprivileged children on weekends. There should be flexibility for participation in these activities so that the employees can easily take part in it.
• Use recyclable materials as your raw materials as well as make products that are recyclable or biodegradable so that no harm is caused to the environment.
• Preference to eco products should be maintained and encouraged so that suppliers will have to step up their game and may follow your example and use…

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