Analysis Of Go Gurt

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Since the dawn of the refrigerator era, dairy products have taken many diverse and interesting forms. No product -from cheese to milk- was colorfully explored quite literally like yogurt in the late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. In an effort to get parents to buy yogurt that would not be chucked instantly by their kids, big corporations decided to include colorful sprinkles, cookie pieces, and further diversify the flavor base of the usually bland yogurt cup. One product that survived the consumer demand for healthier food products in the youth yogurt industry was Go-Gurt. But at the same time as yogurt products were trying to reach out to the interest of young people, another was rumbling through the targeting of a subgroup within the adult demographic. …show more content…
In Go-Gurt’s 2000 commercial, the narrator compares Go-Gurt and regular yogurt when he states, “This is one way to eat yogurt and this is Go-Gurt. You can take it anywhere because you eat it with your hands...not a spoon” (Yoplait). With an upbeat hip-hop tune blasting and chipper bright colors, it is evident that the commercial is trying to reach kids. Starting with a boy doing a backflip that sticks his feet to the wall, he immediately breaks into a energetic dance routine that defies physics. This sudden ability is explained by his guzzling of a Go-Gurt tube to which his grounded friend (eating bland yogurt with a spoon) watches in amazement. The commercial ends with the anti-gravity kid throwing the spoon eating yogurt kid the Go-Gurt while he says, “Lose the spoon” (Yoplait). Go-Gurt sells itself as the seminal portable yogurt. In fact, it is so convenient for movement that the commercial shows it can even be used mid-dance or in play. Finally, the yogurt is even shown in the form of icicles to show how “cool” one can be by freezing Go-Gurt. These characteristics add to the appeal of Go-Gurt for

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