Essay about Analysis Of Gish Jen 's ' Who 's Irish?

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In Gish Jen 's story called “Who’s Irish?" is about an elderly Chinese woman living in America as she and her family struggle with issues concerning the correct way to raise a childand cultural differences between two families.The elder believes that her daughter, Natalie, isn’t living the way a Chinese woman should live because of her husband, John. The mother describes John as a depressed man who doesn’t help Natalie. So the mother is constantly arguing with her daughter about how she shouldn’t be the head of household. Another argument they have with each other is the way a child should be disciplined.One day although the elder women shouldn’t discipline her granddaughter, Sophie, she does and gets her in a conflict with her daughter where she is asked to move out. When she moves in with her son in law mother she begin adapting to a different lifestyle that is not her own and is not bother by it.
Gish Jen shows readers many traits with a flat personality in the elder women. For example, throughout the story the elder woman is always critical and blunt towards other people. The elder woman is very blunt towards everyone and doesn’t care if she hurts anyone’s feelings. A trait that readers hear in the story is that she is fierce. She won’t let anyone manipulate her or put her down. When gang members came to collect protection money they would hide from her because they were scared of her (1). Another trait readers hear is she is very closed minded. The elder lady think…

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