Analysis Of Giorgione 's ' The Tempest ' Essay

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The artwork, The Tempest by Giorgione in 1505, is displayed on page 283 of the textbook. The size of The Tempest is 82 x 73 cm, done on canvas with oil.
I chose this work of art because it appeals to my sense of aesthetics. First I will describe the subject matter and then the content. I will also be analyzing each element and principle of design in the painting 's composition. The Tempest depicts a woman who is holding a baby and feeding him outdoor in the occasion of a storm approaching; a man stands beside the woman with holding a long rod and looks at her in a distance. The man wears a white shirt, red coat, and brown shorts. And woman only wears a white shawl seated on the grass. Two leafy and tall trees are behind the woman and man. There are many buildings across a river. A small bridge is above the river. The sky is dark gray with a lightning. The weather looks so bad because the sky is dark with lightning. However, the woman looks very peaceful even in the bad weather conditions. She focuses on breastfeeding for the baby and the man looks like the guardian of the woman and baby.
The Elements of Art: Line- Giorgione uses Contour lines to limit the edges of fruit and the parrot’s outlines. There are curvy lines in the wrinkles of their dresses. Straight lines are used on the grains of the trees. And some vertical lines and horizontal lines are used in building to create their shapes. The people’s lines of sight are implied lines to show the direction of their…

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