Analysis Of Ginsberg 's ' America ' Essay examples

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Allen Ginsberg dramatizes the idea that America needs to open itself up and appreciate the rest of the world, rather than relying on silly lies that it is a country of freedom and prosperity. In “America”, Ginsberg reveals that America is not what it is promised to be, rather a trashy country. Ginsberg describes that communist principles and beliefs are superior to any capitalist government America relies on. Ginsberg concludes that America is a country of fools that are far from pure, and that the Trotskyites or communists are the true sane people in this world. Ginsberg truly believes that America can learn from their greatness. This greatness that Ginsberg believes is the equal rights of the laborers. Ginsberg 's sentimentality towards the group is a result of his mother 's influence. Naomi Ginsberg held strong communist views throughout her life and, during Allen 's childhood, often took him to meetings of the local Communist Party. From then on, Allen’s feelings toward communist principles stayed true in his heart until his death, especially shown in this poem.
The first seven lines of the poem give an outlook into how the speaker really feels about himself and the country he lives in. Starting with line one, the speaker has given America all he has got and he gets nothing in return. Ginsberg is very clever as he uses an apostrophe, addressing the country of America and its millions of people, as an idea. He is addressing America as one single person. The speaker is…

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