Analysis Of Gilman 's ' The Yellow Wall Paper '

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Ashley Arceri
Professor Mahir
ENGL 2205
4 of May 2015
Final Term Paper Prompt Eleven In Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper” woman were expected to be devoted to the needs of their families and nothing else. The woman in this story did not abide by these roles and tried to free herself from the male power. The complicity of the man in this story is because he is fully aware of her sickness and fails to address her needs because he plays a patriarchal role in authority. In “Daisy Miller”, Daisy is portrayed as spontaneous, uncultivated, free spirit and acts like she doesn’t care what anyone has to say. Winterbourne however too fails to help Daisy and gives up on her when he is aware she is lacking in self-respect.
The time period when Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper” was written a man solely defined a woman’s role in society. It was an era known as “domestic ideology” where society defines that a “true” woman is a wife and a mother nurturing the household. A woman was not respected if she did not fit this role. The narrator in this short story is the opposite of the ideal woman. She is diagnosed ill with depression, potentially postpartum depression, the inability to be a mother to own child. As the story unravels it is apparent that she might not be ill at all but a possible victim to the patriarchal system. The narrator seeks medical help for her ‘illness’ from her husband, John. John’s medical advice is the “rest cure”, which is no thinking, reading, or writing. It…

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