Analysis Of Gilles Deluze And Felix Guattari 's Chapter, Violence, Mourning, Politic

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Connectedness Connection. This is a simple word, but it has great strength. When you think about it anything can be connected or linked to another thing. Somehow at some point two things connect, whether it be through association such as knowing someone who knows someone else or creation such as trees and wood which are connected to my desk and therefore connected to my laptop and me sitting at my desk. In Gilles Deluze and Félix Guattari’s chapter Introduction: Rhizome, along with in Judith Butlers chapter, Violence, Mourning, Politic, the authors mentions a society in which no one is an individual and where everyone is connected and functioning together with no beginning, end, or middle. Butler’s concept of the impossibility of the individual is reestablished in all of Deluze and Guattari’s concepts of society including the disciplinary society, the control society, and the rhizome.
Our hospitals, where we go to get cured and our schools where we go to obtain our education are structured the same way as a prison where people are punished for breaking the law or a factory, where products are mass produced. All of the institutions as mentioned above are tree-like, or arborescent, and are know as sites of confinement. They have several different levels or layers, known as a hierarchy, in which power is distributed unequally. The people at the top, usually being a white heterosexual man, have the most power, while the people at the bottom have the least amount of power. In…

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