Analysis Of Get A Knife Get A Dog But Rid Of Guns

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In “Get a Knife Get a Dog, but Rid of Guns” written by Molly Ivins, She strongly speaks

out against the use of guns. In this story, there are many times when the writer contradicts herself

when she is trying to prove her point. This story is mainly about how the writer thinks no civilian

should have the right to own a gun. She thinks that regular people are not responsible enough to

own a gun and that is why they should be outlawed. Throughout the story I felt that guns should

be regulated but not outlawed, even though they are very detrimental to our nation. In this essay I

will touch on such topics as: What is protection, why guns should be illegal, the different

between knives and guns, and the saying “guns don’t kill people”.

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The children of our nation are left to fend for themselves in the dangerous times we live in.

There are kids who are violated everyday that feel that have no sense of protection.

Besides protection should guns be outlawed and/or illegal? She has not read or

researched everything fully because the majority of the people who have guns own valid permits.

There are laws passed limiting the selling of guns to certain people such as minors and men or

women convicted of a felony. The writer thinks that only a well regulated [military] militia

should handle or own guns. If only the armed forces had ownership of guns where that will leave

the police department? The law enforcement in this nation is a big part of the balance and order

in our nation. The police would not have access to guns because they are the one who upholds

the law and the law would stat that policemen are not to be armed. If criminals have access to

illegal guns and will acquire them, then the police who are lawfully unarmed will have no

protection. This will cause an uneven shift in crime and punishment, throwing off the
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Although she thinks guns should be illegal and/or outlawed, she also has an unorthodox

belief that it is better to be assaulted by someone with a knife than a gun. This thought is

ridiculous because either way the people look at it they’re being assaulted by a deadly weapon.

She points out that she would like the opportunity to run from her assailant. If she was assaulted

they would have to catch her giving her a chance to run to safety. There is no way you can

rationalize being attacked by any weapon. The writer tried to use humor to take away from the

seriousness of the subject. This let the reader’s know how serious she really is about the subject

of safety.

The three views I stated earlier brings me to the infamous saying “Do guns kill people?”

Molly Ivins thinks that guns kill people and people have nothing to do with it. It is impossible to

believe that human beings have nothing to do with guns killing people. I know for a fact that

guns don’t make decisions and decide who and for what reason they are going to kill. If guns

were never created by people, then people wouldn’t have to worry about them. If guns

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