Analysis Of Georgia Pope 's ' The First Steps Of Prevention '

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In Georgia Pope 's "The First Steps of Prevention", she discusses suicide and the steps that can be taken to help lower the amount of suicides amongst young adults. “Suicide for decades has held the third leading cause of death among young adults” (Pope 1). She takes her stance on suicide very early on, suggesting colleges and universities should make a better effort at noticing the signs of suicide and helping to prevent it. “The stability of American university and college students’ mental health should be taken just as serious as the threat of suicide” (Pope 1). For decades it has been the third leading cause of death in young adults and it is time to take action. According to Pope, the stability of the mental health of college students should be just as important as the threat of suicide and she provides heavy use of tone, stream of consciousness and other literary devices to support her argument. The strongest literary device Pope used in this work is tone. Tone is befitting of a touchy topic such as suicide and she works it perfectly. She uses a passionate and sincere tone to address suicide and how she thinks universities and other institutions should go about handling students with mental illness. Although it is only an essay, it is easy to feel the passion and emotion she put into it. The emotion Pope adds is essential to the tone and allows her to quickly grip the reader. “Young adults in particular find it generally challenging to live a normal life while…

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