Essay on Analysis Of George Wright 's ' The Magic Way Bulgakov '

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A. Colin Wright stated that: “[t]he publication in May-June 1925 of the Diavoliada collection is significant in Bulgakov’s life […] it confirmed him as an established writer and a successful one.”(p49) however, some critics argue that it could be viewed as an artistic failure. This is the story of one person, Korotkov, whose life is changed by new bureaucratic foundations. It can be viewed both ways as a failure and as an excellent work. This essay looks at is as being an excellent work, the magic way Bulgakov manages in a few pages to express the absurdity of a new system, the disregard towards the new soviet man. The narrative voice of this story is not distinct; however it focuses more on the action and the pace instead of Korotkov itself. The essay fixates on psychological disorientation which is the impaired ability to identify yourself in relation to time, place and other aspects of your surroundings; it is a mental confusion or impaired awareness towards everything. It also analyses the depiction of psychological disorientation, which results from the revolutionary shake-up of bureaucratic foundations, regarding Korotkov’s impaired ability to identify himself as in his personality, people, and aspects of surroundings as in time and space.
A. Colin Wright came to the conclusion that: “[l]oss of his position is for Korotkov the equivalent of loss of his entire personality”. (p52) This is a statement that applies for this whole story and where the absurdity,…

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