Analysis Of George Wilson 's ' The Killer ' Essay

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Many people believe that George Wilson was the killer in Gatsby 's murder. This is false ,and is a cover up for the real murderer in this case. There are specific reasons that separate Wolfsheim doing this crime instead of George. Wolfsheim is a very shady person that has connections with the police. Him and Gatsby are both business partners that make money illegally. He knows whatever he does illegally that he will get away with it. Gatsby tells us this when he is talking to Nick and says, "They can 't get him, old sport. He 's a smart man."Fitzgerald 112-118). This shows how he could easily kill Gatsby and get away with it. Also Wolfsheim had more reasonable reasons to get rid of Gatsby compared to George. George wanted to kill Gatsby due to his wife dying. He thought Gatsby was behind the wheel when his wife Myrtle got ran over. Meyer Wolfshiem is a sneaker guy who took advantage of the fact that George wanted him dead and used him as a cover up. Meyer Wolfsheim is the real killer, in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
If Wolfsheim really was close friends with Gatsby wouldn’t he take the time out of his day to go to his funeral. We get the feeling throughout this book that him and Gatsby are great friends probably even best friends considering what they been through. The only thing is that Wolfsheim is a far more shady guy compared to Gatsby. He is the guy who brought Gatsby from nothing to something. Once Gatsby gets shot there is a funeral for him.…

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