Analysis Of George Washington Carver 's ' The Golden Door Of Freedom '

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George Washington Carver once said that "Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom." It is of that same principle that I am in college today. I was instilled with the mindset that being educated would open a lot of doors and bring about a lot of opportunities for me. The desire I have to read and write not only brought me to study English, but also the vast knowledge and artistry that comes along with it. The world has evolved remarkably over the past few centuries. Its unceasing change has made an impact on the wisdom in society immensely. Thus, I feel I owe it to myself to explore the knowledge that has influenced many of the decisions in my life; one being to become an attorney. Upon my experience applying for college two years ago, I often thought if I could make it financially through a four-year Bachelor’s Degree program. Being that my parents have three other children to provide and care for, I questioned how were they going to financially support me through one, let alone four years of school. I did not want my parents struggling to pay for my own education. I hold to the mentality that if I wanted to have an education, I would have to work hard to pay for it. Over the course of two years, that is exactly what I did. I was awarded different scholarships and recognitions because of my academics. Also because of school, I obtained a job on campus that helps me with my financial responsibilities Upon this, I have learned that the willingness to work…

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