Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Opening Chapter ' Essay examples

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In this significant quotation in the opening chapter of 1984 George Orwell paints a vivid description of how Big Brother continues to eliminate all human emotions. Winston Smith, the main character of the novel, detests this specific woman from the very moment he first lays eyes on her. Winston primarily dislikes this woman because in his opinion they appear the most ardent supporters of Big Brother. The most athletic, attractive and youthful are the most fanatic enforces of the party. These sudden emotions toward a woman whom he has never talked to before illustrates the paranoia and overwhelming presence Big Brother has over civilians. It says that in this setting, one cannot look upon another with admiration, trust or curiosity, because a motive and potential danger remains apparent everywhere and in even every thought. The removing of emotions from average human being denies all that God desires for creation. Big Brother strives to assure community members are empty of personal and positive emotions for any other person or reason. The only emotions the party permits are passionate loyalty for Big Brother and hate for any enemy. The only good that exists resembles the party. Goodwill does not exist. I cannot imagine living in a time or place that denies its citizens the personal rights to think, love openly, to be curious and question authority. Winston Smith serves as a model for what society has become at this point in 1984 and that no solution seems…

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