Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The King Of Charlemagne '

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Einhard starts out the biography of Charlemagne by discussing that it is important for him to write down Charlemagne’s feats. He talks about how it is important for these to be remembered because the deeds of Charlemagne. Einhard structures Life by discussing Charlemagne’s most important deeds first and then moving on to his personal life. I think this is all leading to the big purpose of Einhard’s Life. The whole purpose of the biography is to glorify Charlemagne beyond what he really was. Throughout this essay, I am going to describe a little bit about the plot and then show some examples about the glorification of Charlemagne. The biography starts with all of the conquests of Charlemagne. Charlemagne was a huge conqueror of countries that surrounded the Frankish Kingdom. I think that Einhard makes all the conquests important because it shows how big the Frankish Kingdom was in the grand scheme of the western world. Einhard uses the quote, “Have a Frank as a friend, not a neighbor.” I think that he uses this quote to show how strong the Frankish Kingdom was. This is another way of glorifying Charlemagne. He made it so that it looked like the kingdom was ruthless and that Charlemagne attacked his surrounding countries, which he did. The whole quote of talking about having a Frank as a friend is the added part I am not sure about. I think it did not matter if you were a friend or not. If Charlemagne wanted the kingdom and area, he was going to take it. One another way…

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