Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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she has talked to people like me before. Of course, she could tell me anything because I have no way of confirming it. Molly thinks I have a mental illness, but I told her that is ridiculous. Most of the time I enjoy talking to her, but there are times she pisses me off. I think I’ll call her again tonight because like I said, I get bored.” George puts down his pen, and gets up from his desk, packs his lunch, and slicks down his black curly hair. He gets in his junky car and goes back to work, and checks in as Tanner. After he fills out some paper work, George calls Molly,
“Hi! It’s George”
“So what’s going on George?”
“I’ve been writing some things. I decided to get a diary and write about my life.”
“That sounds good. Are you starting from your childhood, or just from the present day to day?”
“From my childhood. I thought I would write my feelings down. Wait a minute, I’ll call you right back,” and he hangs up the phone.
“Hey, Tanner. I didn’t know you were coming by tonight.”
“Just thought I’d stop by. I wanted to give you a list of more things to do” and he hands George the list. George scans the list: Clean the toilets, mop the bathroom floor, clean the sinks and mirrors, wash the walls and door of the bathroom. George realizes these are not things required of him to do on his job, but George is so happy to see Tanner, and since he feels that Tanner is so much better than he is, he is happy to do these things.
Tanner says, “Now I want you to do a good job cleaning…

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