Essay about Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Both authors depict the dream to be important for both George and Willy because they want a respectable place in society but the dream is just an aspiration and desire which keeps them full of hope- however the authors are trying to suggest that it is all a façade. The government has created this pretentious dream to maintain the faith and trust of the Americans but this has led the dream to be unreachable due to all the conflicts the characters are dealing with. Steinbeck’s novel describes the strife associated with integrity, loyalty and determination for the future life of his two lead characters George Milton and Lennie Small. Both of whom are nomads with no home and an on-the-road life with no money or property. They have journeyed to Northern California; the events have been set in the ranch where the men work. George has taken the responsibility of the underdeveloped Lennie (who later shows his capability in strength during work) and has chose to protect him from trouble e.g. Curly, however, George has considerably reduced the possibilities of his own successful accomplishment of independence and peace as he has always aspired for. To keep Lennie focused, George has turned the American Dream into a fantasy where they have control over property and Lennie is especially keen on tending to the rabbits. ‘Live of the fatta the lan!’ This quote shows how George and Lennie are dedicated towards their aspiration and the verb ‘live’ implies the certainty George has. The…

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