Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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It is 1936 you are in Asia, Burma, you are the only white officer for miles to come. You are in a foreign land still learning the language, and constantly mocked by the locals, but then an opportunity comes so that you can become a hero. George Orwell had the same exact experience and shares it in shooting an Elephant where he is forced into a situation that can cause him to be praised or hated. In this story we see how Orwell is placed into a situation where he torn between pleasing the people of Burma, his personal morals, and the safety of others. It would be hard for most people seeing an elephant just roaming around peacefully, and then being told that you must kill the peaceful giant in order to provide safety and justices. Once Orwell picked up the gun and headed towards the Elephant he kept thinking about the rewards or major dilemmas that was ahead of him, but everything had changed once he got to the place and looked at the elephant. It is hard for anyone to live in a foreign land where one is still grasping at the language. From Orwell experience, we can really feel what it’s like to be the outsider. Orwell was mocked around the city constantly living in a place where no-one wanted him, in his Shooting an Elephant he says “sneering yellow faces of young men met me everywhere, the insults hooted after me when I was at a safe distance” (Orwell 1) it is safe to assume that Orwell was strongly mocked and that it would be hard to please anyone in the city. As Orwell…

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