Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Orwell '

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Throughout the world, discrimination has been an issue we have had to deal with. Whether it be ethnic, religious, gender, or any other type of discrimination, it has been a problem in our society. Discrimination is considered undesireable; however, society discovers ways to turn mankind against each other. Although we may have similar values, likes, and cultural beliefs, those abnormal to society are subject to unjust discrimination. Many years ago, George Orwell served as a sub-divisional police officer in Lower Burma, where he “was hated by large numbers of people”(Orwell). Although he was against the Burmese oppressors and thought that imperialism was evil, the Burmese people still made life strenuous for Orwell. Orwell was stuck between the hatred of the British Empire and a resentment to those who discriminated him. Later in the story, after an elephant rampages through the town, the natives pressure Orwell into shooting the elephant; despite it is something that he does not want to do. However, to avoid looking like a fool, he shoots the elephant. The situation Orwell was in, is similar to situations I have witnessed throughout my entire life. As a small child living in Hawai’i, I was taught by peers that there were three types of people in our world. There were the locals; they lived in Hawai 'i all their lives and had generations before them who lived on the islands. Then, there were the hapa haoles, or the hybrid people. These people had a mix of…

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