Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' O ' Brien ' Essays

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In George Orwell’s 1984, O 'Brien is a deceptive and deceiving inner party member who replaces the father figure in Winston’s life . Winston is a rebellious individual who catches the attention of a far more intellectual O 'Brien who has the intention to force Winston to confess his thoughts, re-educate his emotions with the party, and cleanse his mind from his insane notions. To execute his plans, O’Brien gains the trust of Winston and operates with a physical force to discipline Winston. Throughout 1984, Winston adopts an admiration for O 'Brien who is a far more intellectual person than Winston with an far more unrestricted lifestyle. Throughout the story, a relationship between an inner party member and Winston, which then emerges to an indistinguishable father and son relationship, shown in the fashion that O’Brien educates and disciplines while Winston adopts an admiration for O’Brien.

O’Brien takes the task of teaching Winston by cleansing his previous thoughts on the party and re-educating Winston. Orwell makes it obvious that when O’Brien “spoke his voice was gentle and patient. He had the air of doctor a teacher or even a priest, anxious to explain and persuade rather than to punish”(Orwell 257). Orwell compares O’Brien to a priest, doctor, and a teacher to the duties of a traditional father. Furthermore, Orwell also explains O’Brien’s calm and patient attitude he displays while teaching Winston. This teaching attitude would give Winston. O’Brien is a…

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