Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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In all literary works the setting can add many layers to the story at hand and can create conflict that would not have otherwise been there in another environment. Whether it be culture, the way things are controlled, or weather, setting has a big part in whatever form of story they are featured in. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet the setting is the country of Denmark which is run by a monarchy in turmoil after the loss of its leader. Alternatively, the book 1984 written by George Orwell is set in the dystopian society of Oceania run by an oligarchy headed by a figure known as Big Brother (Orwell 184). Though these environments seem completely different, they do share some similarities in their means of control and state of order. In both Oceania and Denmark there is an abundance of deceit, espionage and corruption. Additionally, both of these locations are in a constant state of disorder for one reason or another which is an important plot point in both works. Although similar, both of these worlds do have characteristics that starkly divide the two making them seem that they are completely different. Where Oceania has harnessed technology and is using it to further their cause, Denmark does not have any form of technology which is accurate to the time it is set in. The settings of the book 1984 and the play Hamlet both shape and influence their respective plots in both strikingly similar and definitively different ways. To many people things like lying, spying and trickery are…

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