Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Animal Farm ' Essay example

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Make It Fine
From the first day attending that international high school in Shanghai, I known what I need to do is try my best to speak, read and write English as first language. I was anxious, because the only contents for English I learned in middle school was just words and sentences. I never wrote an essay more than even a hundred words and I neither read even a single article more than one page. I sat in the classroom, facing the first foreigner teacher in my life, Mr. Fine. And I known deeply inside that what I had on English was almost zero.
We took English as second language in the first year. The main purposes in that year was to improve reading and get to know the phrases commonly used in English. Mr. Fine made the copy of “Animal Farm”, a fun novella by George Orwell, for everybody to read daily. It was very hard to get start. There were too many new words need to be looked up in dictionaries and long sentences need to be read many times to understand. But we need to be forced, in order to improve fast and get ready to learn other courses in English. Mr. Fine made a list of words and phrases everyday for us to remember and a quiz after every chapter we read. I was suffering everyday from remember lots of new stuffs and understand the contents in “Animal Farm.” And then, as we finished “Animal Farm”, “Life of Pi” and two other long novels came after. I just kept reading, for a year. At the end of the year, under this kind of high pressure teaching style and…

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