Analysis Of George Orwell 's 1984 Essay

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Patriotism can in many ways be defined as the love one has for their nation or homeland. Patriotism appears in many ways, shapes, and forms across the world and has been evident for millenniums. The United States of America is filled with pride and love toward the nation and contains patriotism in almost every aspect. George Orwell writes in the novel 1984 about a dystopian society where everyone loves the Party and their nation Oceania. The United States of America and the nation of Oceania both hold a great sense of patriotism throughout both nations however the patriotism in each country is extremely different. In the novel 1984, Oceania was formed when the United States took over England and is controlled by the Party. The citizens of Oceania are forced to love the Party, or Big Brother, or they will be turned in and tortured until they love Big Brother as much as the next person. The Party erases any past events from record that do not coincide with their political views so no citizen will know what life was like before the Party was formed. This is one of the numerous ways that the Party maintained their control over the citizens of Oceania. Another way they control their citizens is by forcing them to love the Party. If everyone loves the Party then no one will want to rebel, and the citizens that will want to rebel will be turned in, by the loyal citizens, and tortured into loving the Party. This creates an everlasting cycle where the Party will continuously be…

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