Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' 1984 '

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A person truly cannot feel safe while being ‘protected’ by a government that cares for only themselves. There has been a long history of governmental greed that harks back to even the creation of humans since greed has been in our hearts since the very beginning. The exceptionally blunt example is Orwell’s novel “1984”, a clear depiction of a government’s power being misused in favor of their own aspirations. Orwell wrote this novel to express a truth in government and to predict the future that may come from totalitarianism. When a person compares “1984” to the history of man, it provides a distinct connection to one another by using common human actions and desires in a dark, truthful way. To make this connection Orwell uses Big Brother, the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Love in order to provide a foreboding story of governmental control and greed that goes against the natural rights of man indicated by John Locke. When a person first thinks of an overpowering government, what comes to mind? None other than the ruler who uses their iron fist to smash his opposition into submission and acceptance of the rulers demands. The rulers of this novel are called “The Party” which uses the name Big Brother. It is clear that the iconical figure of Big Brother has their eyes set to the people because “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU (Orwell 3)” and there is no comfort when a person’s every move is being watched by a collective person who is both larger and stronger than that…

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