Analysis Of George Orwell 's 1984 Essay examples

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In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, he portrays the severe, controlling nature of Oceania government over its citizenry. He deals with four main problems he finds with the government ruling over Oceania. One point he makes concerns the loss of privacy through technology, resulting in a loss of freedom. The changing of the English language to help further control the people is another issue he discusses. Orwell finds a problem with the whole idea of a totalitarian government system and also the manipulative actions they unjustly take. Orwell’s commentary in 1984 is used to shock and warn society about government ruling by having them imagine living under a totalitarian government system with no basic rights or freedoms.
In 1984, the loss of privacy is caused by not only newly developed technology, but also spies, leaving no room for any secrets in the population of Oceania, taking away every ounce of freedom they had. Many methods were used to track their every single move and even thoughts. Some of these tracking methods can be seen modern day, but they are not viewed as being to that extent.
The government of Oceania closely watches the whole population constantly through devices such as the telescreen. Telescreens are everywhere and rarely can one find a place to hide from them. They watched carefully over every shoulder in Oceania. While Winston was doing his daily physical jerks, which is a series of exercises they are forced to do, he drifted off in thought about Big…

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