Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' 1984 '

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Character Analysis of 1984 George Orwell published his famous novel, 1984, in the year 1949, thirty-five years before the fictional book took place. The main character is Winston Smith, a citizen of the superstate Oceania, that is constantly at war with one of the two other superstates. He lives in Airstrip One, a province previously called Great Britain. In the totalitarian society Winston lives in, the government is called the Party, and the leader is called Big Brother. The Inner Party members are the upper class, and the Outer Party members, including Winston, are the middle class. Constantly watched by Big Brother, Winston struggles with thoughts of rebellion, truth, and love. Winston’s thoughtcrime eventually attracts the attention of the Thought Police; consequently, he is arrested and imprisoned. Throughout his time in prison, Winston is tortured, betrayed, and reeducated based on the principles of Ingsoc. Throughout George Orwell’s fictional novel 1984, the supporting characters add relevant information and insight to Winston Smith’s life and the society he lives in.
Firstly, the secondary character with the largest influence on Winston is his girlfriend Julia. In the very beginning of the story, Winston hates her because she is young and beautiful, and appears to be the perfect model for young adults in the Party. When they become friends, he learns that Julia’s love and diligence for Big Brother and the Party is only an act. In reality, she is thinking rebellious…

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