Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's 1984

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In 1984, by George Orwell, the party got into power by killing the part of Oceana’s population that didn’t approve of the party. This is not a special strategy in itself, it has been attempted in places like World War 2 in Germany. However, Hitler’s deception is nothing compared to the tricks the party uses to make sure that nobody fights them to get their freedom back. The party is able to get away with killing so many people to stay in power because of a few different reasons. The first is that they reward citizens who report other citizens for doubting the party. The next is that they encourage loving the party, and encourage hating people who don’t love the party. They also change the past, and play tricks on people in the present to get them to believe ridiculous things like two plus two equals five. They torture unloyal people, and they do all of this without making the citizens mad at the party.
Orwell clearly shows that the party has many ways in which they can control their citizens. The party leaves nothing to chance when it deceives its citizens. They even go as far as changing the history books to make sure nobody remembers anything about when the party wasn’t in power. The party approaches any history that talks bad about the party as profanity. They almost literally change history because of how they brainwash all of their citizens, and because they change this history, the citizens have no experiences to compare with how they are being treated by the party…

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