Analysis Of George Milton 's ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

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In Of Mice and Men, George Milton is the hero, completing all three rites of passage within the journey. Before he begins his separation, he lives in the ordinary world, and for George that entails tending to Lennie. In the midst of the Great Depression, the two men incessantly search for jobs to occupy their time and hold up some sort of financial stability. George is responsible for looking after his friend Lennie and never ceasing to let him depart and commit a heinous act out of love. The tedium of telling the same story routinely consumes George, and he “never get no peace.” (Steinbeck 7) George receives his call to adventure when he finds a job for the two men bucking barley, although he didn’t have any knowledge of what was to come, this single event would signal the beginning of his journey as a hero and separation from the familiarity of his world. George confides in Slim, who serves as his helper as he is aided through separation. Not only does he give George advice throughout the novel, without him, George may have never completed his journey. As Lennie was faced with a conflict regarding Curley, he acted out, crushing his hand in the process. George could have fled with Lennie, leaving the ranch behind once again to search for a new job. On the contrary, Slim protected Lennie and made Curley vow to keep it a secret and say he got his “han’ caught in a machine,” (Steinbeck 32) and “if [he] don’t tell nobody what happened, [they weren’t] going to.” (Steinbeck 32)…

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