Analysis Of George Miller 's ' Mad Max ' Fury Road ' Essay

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Australian director George Miller’s 2015 blockbuster, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, is an action filled, post-apocalyptic film. The Mad Max universe is a set in a stark, desert landscape filmed in Namibia, with an oil and water crisis, which forces humanity to revert back to a state of war and isolation. One of the main characters, Max is captured by the “war boys” who live in the Citadel run by tyrannical Immortan Joe, and eventually finds Furiosa and her rig. In the ‘Furiosa’ scene, he attempts to steal it and a fight between them breaks out along with the wives of Immortan joe who were escaping with Furiosa, and one of the war boys, Nux. Characterisation and narrative advancements are achieved effectively using cinematography, mise en scene, editing and soundtrack, bringing ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ out as a progressive action film. In this ‘Furiosa’ scene, the camera always seems to follow the movements. Furiosa has tackled Max to the ground, reaching for his gun and punching in quick, calculated hits. We see this through a mid shot then close up, the camera tracking her so the viewer is focused on her. The camera then cuts to a close up on Furiosa’s face when she goes to shoot max, then a cut to the trigger and finally, max’s face as it does not go off. A shot of Max’s reaction to having a gun shoved into his neck shows him looking directly into the camera, breaking the fourth wall. We see a frenzied, wild look with his eyes wide and the non-diegetic sound of the drums in the…

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