Analysis Of George F. Kennan 's Article ' Training For Statesmanship '

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America, land of the free and the home of the brave where all citizens have their liberties. In the country populated with millions of people there are many unique voices to be heard. With everyone’s voice being able to be heard, it gives the American citizen the illusion that they have power in the community. However, some voices tend to be louder than others which results in that particular group having more power than the rest. An individual who makes note of this is George F. Kennan. In George F. Kennan’s powerful article “Training for Statesmanship” he uses many strong arguments that help support his theory that in America our individual voices become muted is: “Sometimes unfortunately, it exists in irregular forces- in underworld groups, criminal gangs or informal associations of a vigilance nature.” What he means by this is that
Whether their goal was to

To begin with, there have been irregular forces wreaking havoc on America and its citizens for decades. One of the earliest signs of this would be in Colonial America with the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty were an underground organization of individuals who formed during the time of the Thirteen Colonies and their main mission was to protect the rights of the American citizens over the harsh taxation of the mother country, Great Britain. An example of how the Sons of Liberty would get the results they wanted was by a process of tar and feathering. The purpose of tarring and feathering was used for both…

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