Essay on Analysis Of Gap Analysis On Health Care

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Efficiency Gap Analysis Efficiency gap analysis spans around the inability of the doctors to utilize the available resources and time to offer services to the patients.
As shown in the timeliness gap analysis, delays in providing treatment are attributable to stress and depression. Absenteeism, as indicated by the British Medical Association (2015), is caused by stress and depression in the consultation rooms and wards, and this impacts negatively on the utility of the hospital resources. A review of the effective gap analysis is an extrapolation of expected effects of absenteeism from the clinical centers. The physicians often seek sick-leaves in which case they are still being paid for services they do not deliver.
Consequently, the allocation and utility of resources in the health care setting becomes questionable as a result of doctors decreased capacity to handle his/her clients. Equitable Gap analysis Depression in doctors is a critical issue in the healthcare setting due to its adverse impact on the health care pillars that support access to best medical care. Interestingly, the equitable gap analysis looks at the depressed doctor as a patient who should seek medical attention from his/her colleagues in the medical profession.
It has been shown that physicians who suffer from depression will most likely evade treatment to avoid revealing his/her status to the health care system. A study by Gold, Sen, and Schwenk (2013) found that the doctors failed to seek treatment…

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