Analysis Of Gamestop 's Mission And Overall Objective Essay

751 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
GameStop’s mission and overall objective is to be “committed to delivering innovation to consumers anywhere, anytime and any way they want it. Whether looking for new or pre-owned, digital or physical video game titles, the latest in video game hardware or accessories or consumer electronics, gaming and technology enthusiast are invited to discover and enjoy their favorite products in one of GameStop’s welcoming retail environments.”
What makes GameStop stand out amongst its competition is their knowledgeable sales associates, GameStop has the ability to attract employees that have a genuine interest in electronic games. Another unique factor is their customer loyalty program referred to as PowerUp Rewards which boasts 43 million members across the globe. GameStop also has a “buy-sell-trade program [which] provides substantial value to customers looking to trade-in video game hardware and software, or smartphones and tablets they no longer use or play.” Each year GameStop has been responsible for providing over a billion dollars in trade credits. Over 70 percent of those credits are applied towards the purchase of a new product. The GameStop network includes, which is one of the top browser-based game sites and Game Informer magazine, the largest print and digital video game publication in the world.
The marketing function for GameStop is divided by its market and brand. GameStop is able to target a large audience of game players that include the video…

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