Analysis Of Fyodor Dostoyevsky 's Crime And Punishment Essay examples

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The protagonist, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, in Fyodor Dostoyevsky 's Crime and Punishment is a young ex-student living penniless in St.Petersburg. He lives in a tiny rented room, but is indebted to his landlord due to his low financial status.
From the start of the book Dostoevsky paints a clear image of Raskolnikov. For example, on page eight it says “he even knew how many paces he had to take in order to reach the front entrance of his tenement; seven hundred and thirty paces exactly” (8), the quote represents Raskolnikov’s attention to details. This reveals his obsessive psychological state, he knows exactly how many steps he must take to reach his destination.
Seven hundred and thirty is a key component in this quote. The number can represent the self-confidence Raskolnikov has about his plan on killing the pawnbroker, Alyona Ivanovna. He has all immaculate details planned out for the murder, even going as far as measuring the distance between the two residences.
But, the number seven hundred and thirty has it’s own meaning. Before, giving the meaning of the whole number, I will explain the individual components of the number. When pronouncing the number seven hundred and thirty, three numbers are said, seven, one hundred, and thirty.
The number seven is important in Christianity and the Russian Orthodox. The Bible, as a whole, was originally divided into seven parts. Dostoevsky might have chosen the number because of its religious value, but it is highly unlikely.…

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