Analysis Of Funky Monkey

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Meta: Bringing the funk like never before is brand new online slots game Funky Monkey. Arriving direct from Playtech, do you have what it takes to dance to the jungle beat?

Funky Monkey

With an entertaining name, and a platform packed full of fun and excitement, Funky Monkey offers casino players a game that is based on a musical monkey - which is definitely something a little out of the ordinary! The game is colourful in design; with it having pleasurable graphics to boot. Developed by Playtech, Funky Monkey provides players with something a little different. However, as everyone will attest, it takes more than a fancy new premise to deliver a slots game experience that players will remember.

Attempting to blend together the fresh and
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The limited amount of paylines reduces the player’s chance of winning a prize, which can be off-putting for many casino players. However, this new title is the perfect style of game for those that are new to slots genre on a whole, as it gives them the chance to gain a better understanding of how such the games work. With minimal distractions through flashing lights and cheesy gimmicks, there is something to be said for the simplicity of Funky Monkey.

Embrace the funk

The graphics provided within this game are entertaining and different from what you might expect. In the top left hand side of the screen, is the Funky Monkey himself, holding a bongo, wearing a purple suit, and grinning away. He is the ultimate happy-go-lucky mascot that is enough to encourage anyone to continue playing. The rest of the screen is green in colour, which allows the Funky Monkey to stand out from the backdrop, adding a little bit of extra mischief to the game.

King of the
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Underneath the three slot reels, there are three buttons, one of which reads ‘bet one’. The ‘bet one’ button increases the bet being placed and the amount of money that can be won. At the lowest bet amount, the prizes to be won vary from 10x to 800x the wager amount; the middle of the pay table shows that a player can win between 20x and 1,600x the amount that has been placed, and the highest betting section available gives players to opportunity to win between 30x and 2,500x the amount that has been bet. These prizes are extremely high for such a basic and simplistic game, and can be very inviting for some players.

Swing from branch to branch

The high prizes to be won are further complimented by the low wagering requirements. Starting at just 0.05 per spin, and slowly increasing to 5.00 per spin, this game is applicable for all budgets. Furthering that, offering such low betting amounts means that this slot game can be thoroughly enjoyed, without the fear of losing too much money. For beginners, this game proves to be extremely friendly and there is something to be said for that for sure.

Get funky like a

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