Analysis Of Fun Heaven

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Strategic Formulation
Business Level Strategy
The fun heaven focuses on the idea that beautiful memorize and good times are usually the simplest ones. When one remembers childhood or a day with friends or grandparents and family it most probably will be a picnic or an outdoor activity or a competition that most probably was not in a luxuries place, however the memory made makes it an amazing place. this is what fun heaven focus its strategy on, it is the believe that we can provide the most amazing experiences without incurring high expenses, thus we do not burden our customers with high prices. Moreover, because the fun heaven is targeted to middle class sector, it takes this into consideration when choosing its strategy.
Hence, in order to achieve competitive advantage and overcome the five forces defined by porter, fun heaven will adopt a combination strategy that focuses on overall low cost and differentiation.
It is because the fun heaven has a social value built within it we believe that we should offer low prices for our customers that has been set according to a study (previously mentioned), and because we believe that for a better sustainability and for gaining loyalty we should focus also on differentiation, thus building a competitive advantage that is not easy to imitate and substitute.
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We offer unique and valuable services and products that are not costly to build thus do not require high price premiums.
Moreover, it has been proven by evidence that this combination strategy yields the greatest benefits and best performance. It makes it harder for rivals to imitate fun heaven especially because there are no other competitors who serve the same market or with our services and strategy. Customers become more loyal which lowers their bargaining power. Also for suppliers, fun heaven will become the next big thing in Jeddah because it satisfies a huge need without charging high prices, thus it will be linked with a certain level of prestige which will decrease their power.
In order to assure the quality and low prices of fun heaven, we will provide "a bid" on the cafeteria and tea garden to assure that these two companies will follow fun heaven rules and

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